How to Find a working Windows 7 Activator

These days it is really hard to find a working windows 7 activator. Most of the developers are trying to spread thier viruses and malicious softwares and tools. Due to these reasons, it is quite challenging to find an activator which is constantly updating. But if you have a good activator, it is really easy to activate windows 7. It won't take more than 30 seconds of your time to the whole process. You have to be very careful when you download keygens, most of them are viruses and adwares. Its always best, if you scan those files with an updated virus scanner.

Ok, here is the step by step guide to find a working windows 7 activator easily. Please make sure you're following every single step carefully, otherwise the process will be failed.

Why Not a Keygen?

First you need to find a working  windows 7 activator . You can always use google search engine to for that, youtube and torrent search engines like katph and torrentz will also work for you. Keep this in mind, you have to check the positive comments before downloading. If you see lots of negative comments, that means that activator in not good to use. In the other side, if you see lots of positive comments or likes, it is wroth downloading. So go for them and download some windows 7 patch.

Keep Your Windows 7 Installation Safe

Here is the most important part, you have to scan the activator/patch wiith an updated virus guard. You can always use online virus scanners like virustotal for a maximum protection. So your file will be scanned atleast 46 different virus scanners which are up to date. Then you're safe to use the activator, if the virus scan result is positive. Usually activators ask to stop the windows update service in order to continue. You can simply click "Yes" as the answer. Then all you have to do is wait, till it shows, "successfully activated" or something like that. The last step is restarting your computer. It might take more than usual time to restart, so do not turn off the PC. Now you can check whether it is activated simply by, right clicking the Computer icon on the desktop and click on Properties. If everything is correct, you should see a message like “Windows is Activated" in bottom of the properties window.